Our Top 10 Unreleased Taylor Swift Songs ; 8.) By The Way.

By the way, your eyes are dancing
I’ll say the chances of that are getting slim
and by the way, my heart’s still breaking
it’s going take me a while to love again
so many things that I forgot to say
by the way.

Lauded by a lot of fans as the most heartbreaking unreleased song, this one is a song unlike any of her released songs. Although in If This Was A Move and The Way I Loved You she writes about letting go of someone she shouldn’t have, this one has a lot more bite to it and a much greater sting.

"There was a girl in my meet and greet today who asked me to hear this song, she wanted to hear it and I never played it on this tour before. So this will be a first, and this song, it’s kind a song I wrote about the bond between me and my band and everyone I’m on tour with and all of you and how you have done this for me and you made it such an incredible, magical life to live. This song is called Long Live." — Taylor’s intro to Long Live